The Main Classification and Application of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Pubdate: 2017-05-10 09:20:25
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Asphalt mixing plant is mainly used to produce asphalt concrete materials, and these produced materials are often used in the construction of roads. asphalt mixing plant is divided into several types; and different types have different effects.

According to the mixing method, it can be divided into intermittent type and continuous type; according to the handling method, it can be divided into mobile, semi-fixed and fixed.

Mobile, that is, silos and mixing pot comes with tires, so that it can be transferred with the site of construction. This type is suitable for county and township roads and low-grade highway projects.

Semi-fixed, that is, the device installed in a number of trailers, and assembled at the construction site. This type is mostly used in highway construction.

Fixed, also known as asphalt concrete processing plant, is to fix the equipment location. This type usually applies to the urban road construction.

Asphalt mixing plant in the construction industry, especially the road construction industry plays an important role. Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery will provide the best products and services to our customers with competitive talent mechanism, scientific management mode, efficient means of operation and perfect after-sales service.