Status Quo and Development Trend of Asphalt Mixing Plant Industry

Pubdate: 2017-07-19 11:27:09
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Asphalt mixing plant has a long history in foreign countries. With the rapid development of highway transportation, mechanized construction has made great progress, and asphalt mixing plant has also become one of the necessary machinery for highway construction.

Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery follows the development trend of the industry, constantly improve its technical level and product quality, attach importance to brand construction, and establish suitable sales channels. And then by virtue of advanced technology, product reliability and stability, it has gained a good reputation in the asphalt mixing market at home and abroad.

The main trends in product and technology development in the future include: Large-scale asphalt mixing plant development; energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and waste asphalt mixture recycling equipment research; product automation, intelligent control technology, accessories’, especially the key parts’ independent development and manufacturing.


As the asphalt mixing equipment industry gradually return to rational, the market competition is more orderly, and the industry survival of the fittest is more obvious, superior enterprises in the industry need to constantly improve their technical strength, to keep a keen sense of industry trends and timely adjust strategies according to the direction of industry development, thus they can keep the advantage in the future competition.