Precautions in the Use of Asphalt Tanks

Pubdate: 2017-12-22 16:53:32
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The asphalt tank is commissioned and installed according to the actual application of the user. In daily use, in order to increase its service life, there are many places need attention.

The temperature of the asphalt tanks is controlled by electric valves, shut-off valves and thermostats. Asphalt temperature is measured by a contact thermometer; contact pressure gauge installed in the first half of the pipeline, the valve is equipped with manual control for emergency use. All asphalt tanks can be individually monitored and adjusted. Each asphalt tank is equipped with overflow components, and there is an alarm light in the control room. In the process of heating asphalt in the asphalt tank, it is necessary to close the outlet valve of the asphalt tank.

Be extremely careful in the use of asphalt tanks, pipes, valves, because the entire system is filled with hot liquid. Check the connection pipe to prevent leakage. If there is leakage, immediately stop the problematic part.

Regularly inspect the various components to ensure trouble-free operation; adjust or replace the defective part if necessary.

Regularly check the connection of the asphalt pipe, and replace immediately if necessary.