Drying Heating System for Asphalt Mixing Plant

Pubdate: 2017-12-15 13:47:43
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The drying heating system of asphalt mixing plant is an important part of the whole system. In the specific work, the drying heating system uses the countercurrent heating way to fully dehydrate the cold aggregate and heat it to a certain temperature, thus providing the necessary conditions for the normal operation of asphalt mixing plant. In this process, the main function of the drying heating system is to make the performance of the mixture more in line with the requirements, and it is also conducive to make the finished material have a good paving performance.

The drying heating system of asphalt mixing plant mainly includes two parts: drying drum and combustion device. The following is a detailed introduction of them:

1. Drying drum.

Drying drum is the main equipment for drying and heating the cold aggregate. In order to make cold aggregate complete the preheating, drying and heating these three requirements in a limited time, not only need to make the aggregate evenly distributed in the drum, but also need to provide sufficient running time. Only in this way, the discharge temperature of asphalt mixing plant can meet the specified requirements.

2. Combustion device.

The combustion device refers to the device that provide heat source for drying cold aggregate. That means, in addition to select the appropriate fuel, we also need to select the appropriate burner. In some cases, in order to ensure the effect of heating, we also need to take some insulation measures.