DHB80 Asphalt Mixing Plant Shipped to the Middle East Countries

Pubdate: 2017-04-24 16:50:15
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In April 2017, an import and export company in the Middle East found us and ordered a set of DHB80 drum asphalt mixing plant. On the 19th, the set of asphalt mixing plant was successfully produced and began loading. It is expected to be sent to the port waiting for shipment the next day. The customer who purchased DHB80 asphalt mixing plant was the friend of our clients who had cooperated with us. They made a full investigation and understanding of our products before they chose us. Our asphalt mixing plant has the advantages of high production efficiency, good quality and low pollution emission, which are what they need. In addition, we will arrange engineers to train the installation and operation of the asphalt mixing plant. And this is also one of the reasons many customers choose us.

The cooperation with the Middle East countries indicates that the influence of our products is gradually expanding, and the international competitiveness is constantly improving.