LB1200 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant Transported to Central Asia

Pubdate: 2017-03-04 14:30:04
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On February 4, 2017, a Central Asia customer ordered a set of LB1200 asphalt batch mixing plant, which was mainly used for highway construction. Although Chinese New Year has just passed, Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery has begun to intensify production and centralize shipping. The factory has been in a busy scene.

The LB1200 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant consists of the following accessories:

1.    Cold Aggregate Supply System: the volume of bin and the quantity of hopper can be customized according to the user's requirement;

2.    Drying Drum: SIEMENS motors, hard-teeth reduction gear and friction driving to ensure the drum rotating stably;

3.    Burner: Italy imported fuel oil/gas burner, or self-developed high-efficiency coal burner, full combustion and high energy efficiency;

4.    Dust Collection System: Two level dust collection system (volute casing collector + bag house collector) with high and low temperature protection device to ensure system security;

5.    Mixing Tower;

6.    Bitumen Supply System;

7.    Filler Supply System;

8.    Control System.

The LB1200 asphalt batch mixing plant was transported to the destination by land after its assembly.