How to Select the Material of Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Pubdate: 2017-05-16 10:59:33
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For all the users, to select the material is an essential part of asphalt mixing plant design process. It is because the selected material will directly affect the use of the entire plant and production quality.

Normally, when we select the material of the equipment, we will use the characteristics of the working medium as a reference. So this time it can also be determined in accordance with this method. Generally speaking, if there is no special requirement, the equipment we use is made of carbon steel material. This material can meet the requirements of most of conditions, and the price is more reasonable. However, asphalt mixing plant cannot use this material for the asphalt is high temperature material. From this point of view, carbon steel material is not able to meet the requirements. And corrosion resistance of carbon steel is general. In this case, we can use stainless steel or glass material. In practice, we need to determine according to the actual situation.