DHB40 Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant Shipped to Eastern Europe

Pubdate: 2017-01-20 13:56:22
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On January 14, a chilly day in winter, the employees of Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery, against the harsh weather, managed to pack all the components of an DHB40 asphalt drum mixing plant into containers and load them on trucks in one day. So that this MDHB40 asphalt plant could arrive at Qingdao Port before the Spring Festival and then ship to Eastern Europe.




DHB Series mobile asphalt drum mixing plants are researched and developed by Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery according to the market requirements. The stable quality and high cost-effectiveness ratio make them become popular in the market. Over the past years, Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery constantly makes improvement and optimization on DHB series products according to customers' feedback and market requirements. Nowadays, DHB series mobile asphalt drum mixing plants become more and more mature and perfect, and they also become more and more popular in the international market.